Episode 10

Published on:

30th May, 2022

Episode 9

Published on:

2nd May, 2022

Episode 8

Published on:

25th Apr, 2022

Episode 7

Published on:

18th Apr, 2022

Episode 6

Published on:

11th Apr, 2022

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About the Podcast

My Unsolicited Opinion
Jacob Ennis
Hey everyone. My name is Jacob Ennis and this is My Unsolicited Opinion. Silly to serious and everything in between, no topic is off limits and I promise, I have an opinion on it. Every week we take a deep dive into any particular topic and I share with the world my thoughts. Some takes might be hot and some might not. The point is, I’m just a regular guy with my own opinion on what the coolest animal is or the key to a happy life. And none of you asked my opinion but I’m gonna give it to you. Unsolicited.

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Jacob Ennis

Raleigh, NC native. I work in clinical research and have been a fan of comedy my entire life. I wanted to create the show as a way to express myself and to try to bring a smile and laughter to someone. I also enjoy long walks on the beach.